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To Grandmother's House We Go

Centuries ago, a covenant was made between the Chuvani and the Twisted Ones. Now in a rural community by Jubilee State Park, the old agreement will be broken.

 Nadya Pietrangelo comes from a long line of gypsy witches. Now her grandmother's dementia has gotten so severe she is forced to move her into a nursing home. Nadya must travel to her grandparents' house, to pack it up and get it ready to sell before the taxes bankrupt her. But when she arrives, she discovers more than just knick knacks and furniture. Forgotten memories from a terrifying night in her childhood begin to resurface as a handsome stranger from her past reappears.

As the past she'd forgotten begins to repeat itself, Nadya must stand alone against the Twisted Ones to protect humanity and the ancient agreement that is all that stands between the world and chaos. Can she do the unthinkable and restore the balance or will the Twisted Ones enslave her as they tried to centuries ago?

Coming Eventually!

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