Dark Reflections

Dark Reflections
Book One

Being a teenager is hard. Being an overweight teenager is even harder.

Bethany Watson has tried to accept herself, but being either bullied or ignored by her peers leaves her feeling she has nothing to contribute. Worse, just as the feelings for her best friend begin to blossom into something else, another girl sets her eyes on him—someone she can’t compete with.

She discovers a host of problems bigger than her social life and waist size when she comes face to face with a creature hell bent on destroying anything that gets in its way. An unwilling recruit in the fight against the darkness, Bethany is torn between what is right and what is easy. 

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Dark Reflections 
Book Two

Being a teenager is hard, especially when a demon wants your soul.

Chelsie Bryant is the star in her hometown. So why does she feel invisible? Surrounded by fake friends who know nothing about her, she hasn’t felt a real connection in a very long time. All that changes when she locks eyes with a stranger at a party. As their feelings grow, she realizes another girl  has already laid claim on his heart.

She doesn’t have time to deal with her normal teen issues, though. A nightmarish demon stalks her, determined to claim her soul. And the guy who holds her heart in his hands is the only one who can get her out alive. As she begins to question who she can trust and who her real friends are, she comes face to face with her worst fear. Chelsie must figure out how to keep the darkness from destroying her—inside and out.

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