Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Writer Wednesday is back!

So my first Writer’s Wednesday back, I decided to talk about some new writer’s I’ve discovered that I’m really enjoying. If you haven’t noticed in the side bar over there, I’ve joined a group called Indie-licious. We have a blog about all things writing. You should check it out. But I digress. My experiences with the group has led me to discover some amazing authors. Actually two of them I already knew, so reacquainted would be the better term, but I never told you about them.
The first person is Michelle Muto. I read her Book of Lost Souls back in 2011. I hadn’t figured out how to turn off my internal critic yet (because author’s make the worst readers, seriously) so though I absolutely loved the book, I didn’t share it because some minor issues I felt were neon beacons visible from outer space at the time. They’re not. I reread it recently and can only shake my head at the overly critical inner voice that had me keeping to myself an amazing book that you should definitely check out. I am currently reading The Haunting Season, then next on the TBR pile is Don’t Fear the Reaper (I tend to read through one author at a time before moving on).

The next person is Tiffany King. I bought Meant to Be when she first published it because the cover was so unique and colorful I had to have. By the time I got around to reading it (between all the critiquing and beta reading, I wasn’t really reading just for fun anymore and that had to go), she’s changed the cover. I felt blah about the new cover so I moved on. Big mistake. A few months ago I was talking to another author about having the book on my Kindle but not reading it and she gushed about it. Now how could I pass up such a glowing recommendation? Within a week I had read Forgotten Souls and Ascended, at a time when it was taking me two or more weeks to read one book. The worst part is the covers are actually kind of cool now, they just aren’t bright and colorful to attract the raccoon in me. *eye roll*

A third new author I’ve discovered is M.R. Polish. Ok, discovered might be two strong of a word since I’ve known for over a year and a half. But she just published her first book, Wolf Spell, and it was so good. I highly recommend you keep your eyes on her, I think she’s just gonna keep wowing us.

Another one that isn’t really new (I’ve been doing her covers for over a year, so got to read the books ahead of everyone else) but needs to be on this list since I don’t know that I’ve mentioned her before, Sarah M. Ross. Her Patronus series (Awaken, Avenge and Atone) is one of my favorite reads, with her Echo of an Earth Angel coming in a close second. I can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeves!

I have so many favorites I can’t list them all in one post. I will carry this post over to next week’s writer Wednesday. Please don’t take my statements as criticism, other than of myself and my narrow minded views and ideas. I regret letting stupid things get between me and some really amazing books. I just want to share them with you all, now.

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  1. Just saw this, YOU are the Rockstar! I can't wait to read more from the Forces of Nature series :)