Monday, February 28, 2011

HA ha, Blogger decided to play nice. Pic spam!

The Hoffman House, which is actually the house I lived in for a few years.

Close up of the porch with "Amelia" on it.

The side yard and awesome built in patio

Their high school.

The town square

So apparently Blogger is playing nice now, or maybe it's just i figured out how to use is. I usually use the browser Flock but downloaded Firefox for all my writing relating things. Apparently the Blogger tool doesn't work properly in Flock.So here are some of the basic things i got on my muse trip yesterday, the high school I graduated from, the house I lived in for a time and the town square.

More tomorrow, just wanted these up to be seen...

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  1. That is awesome you have very particular locations in mind for your story. It has to be great for descriptive purposes.