Saturday, February 26, 2011

The only limits are the ones in your own imagination. ~Elizabeth Dawn

That's right folks, my own original quote. Thought I'd start with a little style and grace because who knows how much of THAT I'll be able to pull off. I suppose this is my first exploration as Elizabeth and I have to say it feels nice to be at the keyboard without the pressure of word counts, plot points and relevance. I like being at the wheel outside of Word. Don't get me wrong, it's nice there and all, but a girl's gonna get cabin fever if you don't allow her out into the world (wide web) once in a while.

I'm sure you haven't heard of me yet. At least I hope you haven't. If you have, it's all lies, I swear. :D In the coming days and months and possibly even years I hope to fill this space with all sorts of random wit, humor and sparkling prose about my work, but really it will probably be full of cranky rants about diva muses, word counts that aren't nearly high enough to EVER be done and a general diatribe about the ups and downs of my work. 

My work... There's another thing I'd like to illuminate you on. As I said you haven't heard of me yet, but some day you will. Some of my poetry (and possibly a story or two) can be found at:

I warn you it's old, and I make no promises on the quality of the stories. The one book that is up there used to be my pride and joy but is now one of the many folders in my drawer of possibilities. Literally, it's in a drawer.  I don't have it in digital form thanks to the wondrous malfunction of an external hard drive. As I am a slow typer, I really don't want to have to transcribe it myself and I don't want to pay someone, so I wait until the day that the technology comes along that lets me think it and it appears on the page. 


My current project, Nature Lover, has hit that destructive point where my inner voice says, "It's crap!" and my muse responds with an ever so mature, "Nu uh!" And so I decided to use the weekend to take some steps towards making myself feel more'legit' like blogging about it. So for the first time ever, here comes the pitch.

Amelia Hoffman was raised the youngest in a painfully normal family. Or so she thought. As mysterious deaths seem to circle her town, she uncovers the truth that can tear her world apart. Not only are her siblings adopted, they're not even human; and neither is she! How she can she figure out who's killing Otherworlders when she can't seem to get a handle on who she really is?


  1. Great for jumping in and taking your career to an all new level! You will now feel more value in what you are writing and blogging is a great way to get your muse juices flowing! I look forward to hearing about your journey to publication!!

  2. Listen to that muse! I love your story idea :) Way to go with the blog-- it does make it all feel a little more real, doesn't it?

  3. Yay for you! I can't to get to know you and your writing through your blog. You have a great voice :)

  4. Congrats on your blog. I liked it! Stay tuned: tomorrow I am launching my first blog. Excited!

  5. Excellent Post! Your book sounds fantastic! NO CRAP there! Listen to your Muse, there is wisdom in her "nuh-huh"!

    Thanks also, for visiting my blog! XO

  6. What a great story idea! It will be wonderful you just need to trust your muse and keep working on it until you believe it is. Every great book started as someone's bad idea.