Monday, October 3, 2011

Character Monday

Sariah here, and welcome to Character Monday. I have hijacked this blog since it is seriously lacking in style, so I thought I'd spruce the joint up a little. If there's one thing I know, it's what looks good, but sharing my sense of fashion with others is a little more challenging. I know people believe I roll out of bed looking perfect, and while the cards are stacked in my favor on that front, it's not entirely true. I start my morning with a long steamy shower with exfoliating wash to slough off dead skin cells and give me the radiant glow I am known for. Then after the proper application of lotion and perfume, I blow dry and style my hair to perfection. This usually involves a blow dryer, a curling iron, lots of hair spray and a good comb. Finally I apply my makeup, a smoky eye usually, since it suits the cat shape of my eyes. Finally I choose my clothes. I'm currently into a layered look, lacy cami, well cut shirt and tailored jacket.

Now I know that my being able to change my appearance makes it seem like I just automatically look good, but no matter what form I take, bad style carries over. No matter what my appearance changes to, the color or texture of my hair makes no difference to the style it's in. I can't go from a ponytail to sexy bed head with a morph, Though I must admit I love that I don't have to visit a salon to change my hair color or wait for it to grow out after I get bored with the latest adorable bob.

So despite what you might have heard, fashion isn't automatic, it's hard work. But I think it is work that is well worth the time and effort, therefore...

Wait, wait, wait, Sariah, you're girlifying it!

No one asked you Xander!

Would the two of you please stop arguing when we have company? 

It's not my fault she's being lame where people can see, Amelia.

Xander, just because you're not interested in a topic doesn't mean no one else is. And Sariah, what gives you the right to hijack the entire blog? Seriously, I'm the youngest, I shouldn't have to referee.

Hey, you got the blog to yourself last week. Neither of us interrupted you.

Yes, well, it's not my fault you two are easily distracted. Wait is that something sparkling over there?

Puh-leeze! Get over yourself, would you. Just because Elizabeth gave you the starring role doesn't give you the right to be all bossy.

Yes, well, at least I'm not a diva.

Says who?

Aw, Xander, you wound me. And here I thought you had my back.

I got your back, but that doesn't mean I'm going to let you get a swollen head. 

Ok, I'm hijacking this blog back, you three go bicker somewhere the people can't see. Sorry folks, I'll try not to let all three of them have at the blog at once, but these Hoffmans definitely have a mind of their own!

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  1. Love it! Great beauty tips Sariah. Good luck keeping them out of trouble Elizabeth, the 3 of them seem like quite the handful!

    Great post!