Friday, October 28, 2011

Winter is on it's way, or so my thermostat says

So winter is definitely coming. They're saying this year will be a hard one, too. Winter's always been hard on me, because I'm very conflicted about the season. I love snow and Christmas, but I don't like cold. As I said, conflicted. I spend a lot of time wishing for a big storm, the kind that shuts down the city. I don't wish that too loud because people tend to get mad at me for it. I also love ice storms, the whole state is all shiny and filled with wonder. I know it's hard on the trees and dangerous for people, so the wonder is a little sullied, but it doesn't seem to diminish it much.

The problem with winter is the cold. I don't like cold weather. I am asthmatic and struggle to breathe in cold air. I have been known to wear enough layers that I look like Randy from A Christmas Story. Cold weather and I are not tight. So I spend a lot of winter indoors, hiding away from the cold, and gazing dreamily out the windows hoping for just a few more inches of that four little world.

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