Monday, April 15, 2013


I'm guessing you know I'm a writer, since that's what this site is all about. Many of you probably know I'm an artist too. Some of you might even know that I'm a licensed cosmetologist with a serious addiction to all kinds of beauty products. But there's a lot more too me than that, not that it really shows up on this blog. Well, that's about to change. As of today, this blog has been reformatted into series. There's no rhyme or reason or specific schedule to how these series are explored, and more may come. But for now, I'd like to introduce you to the series. Let's start with the three you know, that will stick around in a  less rigid fashion.

Character Monday ---> Character Confessions
Same character interviews you've come to know and love, only with a new look and feel

Writer's Wednesday ---> Writer's Corner

 This one is a little revamped, as it will be only about writing and publishing specifically. Everything else will go in other categories. This will be status reports on books, shop talk and advice.

Fantasy Friday ---> Legends and Lore
This is where I'll talk about some of the mystical creatures I research. Look to these for hints of some of the beasties you'll be meeting in my books.

And the new series....

Cover Love

This is where I will share the current batch of covers I can't stop drooling over. I may sneak one of my own in from time to time, but mostly I'll be showing you other people's work.

Love of Books
This is where other people's books go. Reviews, releases, even tours can fall under this category  If it's about books, it goes here.

Glam It Up
This is where I'll talk about all things beauty, everything from fawning over a new product to tips on how to have healthy shiny hair. I love makeup and can talk about it all day. And I figured some of you might enjoy that too.

I love crafting and I do a lot of different things. Here's where I'll share my various projects, share my crafting frustration talk about new techniques that intrigue me.

Musical Musings
I firmly beleive everyone loves music, they just have their own version of what falls into that category. Don't look for any top tens, because I'm not so big on them these days. But I have an eclectic blend of music I love and this is where I'll share some of it.

Cinematic Adventures
I have a three disk subscription to Netflix, as well as instant streaming, Amazon Plus and HBO, and I still go to the movie theater multiple times a month. So to say I love movies is an understatement. In this series I'll talk about movies I've seen recently, which won't always be new releases or even recent releases.

Life and Love
This will be stories from my real life, whether it's a humorous retelling of honey do's that didn't go right or horrifying kitchen adventures that end in smoke and tears, this is where I will share it. This one probably won't appear as often. And I promise, I'll try to keep the baby talk out of it. 

So that's what I have for now. Down the road there might be new series. If I don't like one of the series I will phase it out. But this is an attempt to blog more often, since I enjoy blogging and hopefully you enjoy reading it.

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