Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cover Reveal for Let Him In by Sharon Davis

Lacey’s gaze slowly traveled up as she swiped the back of her hand across her bloody mouth. Black slacks adorned with a thin, black leather belt. Black, long-sleeved silk shirt, top three buttons undone. An overwhelming sense of déjà vu made her scalp prickle as her unblinking eyes continued their journey up to latch onto a pair of ice-blue eyes that regarded her as if she was a dirty wad of chewing gum stuck to the bottom of the owner’s polished wingtip Oxfords.

“You,” she breathed, her heart skipping a beat.

“Me,” he confirmed, his deep, smooth voice making her think of whiskey and honey for some odd reason.

Author Bio:
Sharon was born, raised and has resided in Virginia all her life. Most of her free time and energy is devoted to writing, however when she does takes a break from her imaginary worlds and characters she enjoys reading and playing with her Blue Russian, Pickles. Her idea of Heaven is a day spent in front her computer with a never-ending supply of iced coffee. Visit her on Facebook at Sharon Davis Author.

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