Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Lady of Steinbrekka Scavenger Hunt

Hi everyone, and thanks for having me here, Elizabeth! My name is Kristi and I am the mind behind the Land of Kaldalangra series, which currently is made up of two books, The Lady of Steinbrekka and Heart of Kylassame. In honor of The Lady of Steinbrekka turning 1, I've put together a party game for you, complete with prizes!

The party game is a classic scavenger hunt with a digital twist. Scattered throughout the online world are little known facts about Kaldalangra. Don't panic, the list of blogs hosting these facts can be found at my blog, :) After you have collected all of the facts, be sure to head over to the Prizes post of my blog to see what you can win!

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And now...a secret fact from the land of Kaldalangra

* King Verikhan was originally planned to be a bad character who turned saw the light and became good *

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Be sure to check out these other great blogs for more facts of Kaldalangra!

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  1. Thank you so much for being part of the scavenger hunt!