Friday, July 29, 2011

Natural Selection Interviews, Sariah

I'm sharing all of my characters pre-casting interviews. I ask each of them the same ten questions to see if they fit the role. Today we are ar interviewing for the role of the eldest sibling, Sariah Hoffman.

Good morning Sarah. Please come in.
Um, it's Sariah, sah-ree-a.
Oops, sorry about that.
*shrug* Everyone seems to get it wrong.
*clears throat* Okey, now that it's awkward let's get started. What is the most rewarding part of being the eldest sibling in your opinion?
Being the first to do everything. I'd say being the one in charge, but that's not really the case with this role. *smile*
What is your biggest accomplishment in life so far?
Probably being captain of the varsity dance team my freshman year. I guess I have moves.
When you meet adversity, how do you overcome it?
Either I fuck it, or I fuck it up. Sorry, I do tend to have a potty mouth. I'll try to remember this is Young Adult.
Do try. What do you feel is your greatest strength?
*cups her girls and raises her eyebrows* Um, I'm hot?
Modest too, I see. *clears throat* Anyway, what do you feel are the most difficult decisions to make?
Anything involving other people's emotions. I know how sensitive people really are, and how easily they get hurt. It's hard to make a decision without hurting someone's feelings.
I can only imagine. If you could redo one thing in your past, what would it be?
Jason Eckles. Man, was he a tiger. Oh wait, you don't mean like that, do you? *blushes*
Um, no. Remember, Young Adult.
Then I guess I have to say that frat party I went to my sophmore year. I got a few regrets about that night. *secretive smile*
What challenge do you most look forward to in this role?
Feeling as much as I do, yet maintaining a mysterious stoic air. I hope no one takes it as snobbiness.
What appeals most to you in this role?
*waggles eyebrows*
How many times do I have to remind you this is Young Adult?
At least once more. *wink*
You didn't answer. the question.

No, you just didn't like my answer. *sighs* Fine, I look forward to the bond with my little sister. Watching her slowly come to understand and appreciate me. Happy?
No need to get sarcastic. You know there are plenty of other succubi in consideration for this role.
Then hire them. I'm not going to pretend to be something I'm not, no matter what you think you can turn me into.
What are your goals for the next five years?
To find a sugar daddy and live in luxury the rest of my life. Protitution is always an option.
*scoff, eyebrows rising*
Man, you're a little uptight, aren't you? It was a joke. I'd be a high priced call girl. *wicked smile*
Thank God this is the last question. What would you like to say to get me to consider you for this role?
The fact that I made you squirm and blush only goes to prove I'd be an excellent choice for the role. Think about the room for growth.
Ok, Miss Hoffman, we'll let you know.
*cocky smile* See you on set. *Sashays out*

Thank God that's over. I was afraid I"d have to change the settings on my blog! Join us Monday when we interview  Nathanial Peplow for the role of heartthrob crush.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Natural Selection Interviews - Xander

As we get closer to my release date I was thinking of doing something special to get everybody ready for Natural Selection. I decided to steal a page from Liz Schulte's blog and do character interviews. Only instead of post, these are pre-casting interviews, the ones that got them the role. I will share the ten questions each one was asked and share their answers.

First up is the first character cast in this craziness. You would think that it was Amelia, but honestly, she was the hardest to cast. I still don't think I have her right. So, without further adieu, Alexander Hoffman's casting interview

Hello Alexander, how are you today?
*shrugs* Call me Xander
Xander then. Please have a seat. So today you are auditioning for the part of the older brother, is that correct?
OK, well let's right in then. What in your opinion is the most rewarding part about being a big brother?
Knowing someone is looking up to me and counting on me.Makes me feel like I can conquer anything.
What has been your biggest accomplishment so far in life?
I haven't killed anyone yet, that's an accomplishment. *laughs*
When you meet adversity, how do you overcome it?
With a sledgehammer? *grin*
What do you feel is your greatest strength?
My ability to see the joke in everything. And have you seen these guns? *strikes pose*
You don't take much seriously, do you?
What's the point? Life's too funny to be serious.
What do you feel are the most difficult decisions to make?
Whether or not to tell someone something they need to hear but will be hurt by.
Wow, that was deep.
I'm a deep kinda of guy. *grins devilishly*
*eye roll* If you could redo one thing in your past, what would it be?
My third grade pictures. Who's idea was the damn bowl cut anyway?
What challenges do you most look forward to in the role of big brother?
Keeping my little sister safe despite her best efforts to put herself in danger.
What appeals to you most about this role?
I get a lot of chicks? *chuckles* No, I love the closeness of the family. Family is important to me.
What are your goals in the next five years?
Once I finish high school I think I want to wait to go to college. I'm not all that ambitious so I think winning the lottery then lounging by a pool for ten or fifteen years sounds pretty good. *grins and raises eyebrows a couple times*
Ok, last question. What would you like to say to me to get me to consider you for this role?
Dude, I'm awesome. I'd rock it and you know it. *grins then gets up and leaves*

Join us Friday when we interview Sariah Hoffman.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Just call me Mr. Rabbit....

"I'm late, I'm late,
for a very important date
No time to say hello goodbye
I'm late, I'm late, I'm late"

Ugh, 25,000 words in eight days and can I focus. Ppsshh! No. I decided to set the standard at 2,000 words a day for the weekend and 5,000 a day for weekdays. I know I can do it because I did it  several times while writing Natural Selection. What I didn't count on was all my friends suddenly having rare windows in their schedules for things, a sick kitty we can't figure out what's wrong with and a general 'Meh' feeling about things. I feel stressed and tired and a little balky. What am I going to do about it? Plug on, keep going and try to worry about one thing at a time. Kitty is in the vet's hands, friends are satisfied with the time spent with them and I am about to force myself to write whatever it takes. And I DID get around 5,000 words written between Friday and now, so there's that....

The way things are looking schedule wise:
Natural Selection is due back from the editor Saturday. This is why Second Nature has to be done by then. Once I get Natural Selection back, I need to go through the editor's suggestions (which I almost never argue with so far since she really gets what I'm trying to say and is amazing) send it off for a second edit, fix anything she's got, then send it to be formatted and published. While the second edit is being done I need to try and get as much of the content edit done as possible. Once its off to be formatted, the content edit will be finished. Then I will give myself a brief break during the actual publication window to promote my book (so if you're interested in reviewing it for me let me know and I will get an ARC as soon as it's formatted) then back to do a full edit which has to be done and to the editor by September 6, when I will start the conclusion of the trilogy, Better Nature. *pant, pant, pant* But this time I will be going in knowing my time table so I think I will be able to get things done much faster. :D

So yeah, if I'm not around this week, that's why. I will hopefully be doing some lead up to my release after this, but who knows. MAybe I'll sit down and write several in advance and scedule my posts. I've been wanting to switch to that format anyway. I've got some good ones, sharing some of the research and background that went into my story. So for now, I will sign off, until next time.

Drum roll please

I am proud to be part of the re-imagining of MD Christie's upcoming release, The Sight, coming midnight, November 1. The cover design is one of my own, and I'm as happy with it as she is. :D

You are NOT gonna wanna miss this one. I've had the pleasure of reading the first couple chapters and it's a wonderful story, and well written, too. But you don't have to take my word for here. But don't just take my word for it. Here's the blurb:

Ever since the night of her Parents Disappearance eight years ago; 17 year old Ella St. John has known she was different.  
The CREATURE… did he take her parents that night, or was it a delusion?  
FLASHBACKS… Keep her from living her life. 
AUNT SAGE… Keeps secrets, does she know more than she lets on? 
The sudden feeling of BEING WATCHED…. What does it all mean? When Ella St.John Heads home from her shift at the Pink Java Cafe, she hardly expects to be attacked. Much less by the same creature responsible for her parents mysterious disappearance eight years earlier. This is Ella's first encounter with a dark creature of Murumendi; but it certainly won't be her last. Within moments Ella's life as she knows it is ripped away, forcing her to discover who and what she really is. Will she be able to handle the truth? 
The Sight Book One of The Glamour Series will take you on a Fantastical Journey of Love, Loss, and the Battle between Good vs. Evil.

Want more? Well head on over to her website and read her prologue, or her blog. Or you  can catch her on Facebook, Twitter or even Goodreads. Also if you haven't lately, you should check out 4Corners Press. It's had another face lift and it's gorgeous!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some reflection

So Liz Schulte wrote an amazing blog on platforms and it got me think. I know a lot of you see my page, but many of you actually READ it? And if you do read it, does my endless bitching about word counts, lack of productivity and real life intrusions interest and/or entertain? Or am I rambling away here just to hear myself speak?

I try to strive for balance, to let you in on the "real" me. Since I DO use a pen name, it makes it easy, since i speak of myself as a third party, or a second personality. But the fact is I am always Donna, and I'm always Elizabeth. I see the world around me differently than most people do. Where I don't see a story, I see a painting, photo or other artwork. The sound most people don't notice is locked away for later use. Every sense is processed for whether or not it is something I can use or not. But the question is where do you draw the line?

I am an infrequent poster, I know. And as my book gets closer to publication (it's less than a month, eep) I'm trying to be more conscious and aware, maintaining what I started. Because maybe it slipped a little in the last few months but I genuinely care about all of my followers. I read all your blogs, I just don't comment. I love hearing what's going on in your lives. But it's time for me to put my time where my mouth is and let you all know I'm still here. I will comment, I will converse, I will be there if you need me. Not because I want you to rush out and buy my book (which would be awesome) but because that is important to me. I've always felt the most important thing I can do in life is help others. And maybe, just maybe, the world will be there to help me when I need it.

What does this all mean for me? I haven't a clue really. But I know the kind of personality I want to be and this isn't it. No more excuses, Nut up or shut up. :D So here I go.

PS be on the look out over the next month as I build up to the release of Natural Selection August 12. Hopefully there will be some fun ones in there.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


It's amazing the milestones that validate us as authors. Finishing Natural Selection felt pretty damn good, but I knew I still had a lot of work to do. I was fifteen thousands words short of my goal and I knew it was going to be a lot of work. When I finally finished the content edit it was fully fleshed out and a whole story. It felt good but still a little hollow since i knew the biggest hardest edit was still to come. Last night i finished that that edit and shipped it off to the editor. And despite all the steps that came before and the fact that I've felt like a "Writer" for months, maybe even years, this is the moment it was reinforced. Last night I had so many emotion going through me I couldn't begin to express them, a hard place for a writer to be. So I took the evening to bask in it. There might have been a happy dance that somewhat resembled the "What a Feeling' dance from Flashdance. :D

But now it's morning and time to focus on the next milestone. By August 12, when Natural Selection will be published (insert scream similar to Home Alone here) I want Second Nature done. And since it's sitting just under thirty thousand words, that is not only achievable but likely. I am working on a project with Liz Schulte which we're still not ready to go into yet since it's still kind of early, but it's going to be epic. So just because one project is drawing to a close doesn't mean I'm done.

I have two stories  in mind for when I am finally done with Lia's story, plus the one I already started. I don't know what order they will all be told or how quickly. But they will all be told... You haven't haerd the last of me.

But it leaves me with a question for all of you. Which of the MANY milestones on the road to publication is the most validating for YOU?

Friday, July 1, 2011

The House That Built Me

Today the line between Elizabeth and Donna is going to get a little blurry. I am a big fan of the show the Voice and just got done watching. Dia Frampton performed "The House that Built Me" with Miranda Lambert. The song sent me on a mental journey to the house that stands out in my mind. Some of you know it, since it is the house I used as inspiration for Lia's in Natural Selection.

Now I don't know why this house stands out the most in my mind. Well, really I do, and I'll get there. It wasn't the happiest I"ve ever been, that is other houses, one of which I probably still know the owners and could walk around if I wanted to. It wasn't the house I lived in the longest, that one is the one I'm in now and the longest before that is an empty field now.

This house stands out as one of the more traumatic places I've lived. This is where many of the things I wrote about in my Musings of a Fragile Mind blog happened. It was a place of pain and trauma. Yet it stand out in my mind as the house of my childhood, the house that built me... There's a story int here, maybe someday I"ll write it...