Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dragon Con

So the adventure known as DragonCon began today with a road trip that began in St. Louis and ended in Atlanta. Now perhaps I am a little odd, but I love to road trip, and I have finally found the perfect road trip companion in Liz Schulte. My only regret for the day was that we didn't have time to linger and check things out more. In the end, it was more or less nine hours of me chattering and Liz tossing in a word or two here and there.

Along the way we did stop and check out a couple of sites. We visited Metropolis, IL (it's a real city, but the comic came first) and caught a few shots of the statuesque gentleman the town is centered around. It was rather cool, but really only took a few minutes. After a short time convinced we were lost when we weren't really, we stumbled upon the interstate and were back on our way.

Crossing out of Illinois into Kentucky....
 via this awesome bridge,  we stopped at the welcome center to pick up a free map. (Yay, cheap souvenirs!) This is one of the regrets, since the welcome center was a gorgeous old farm manor (this was way more than a house) and they did tours, but if we didn't get back on the road we'd never make it to Georgia.
And we hit the road again. We made decent time, getting a little caught up in the crazy traffic of Nashville, but all in all not too bad. And it was definitely a pretty day. It got cooler ass we headed south which was pretty wrong. All in all, not a bad trip. And tomorrow it's off to DragonCon. Is Atlanta ready for this?

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