Friday, September 2, 2011

DragonCon Day One

So there was a lot of fun today. As an author, I am a people watcher by nature and there is no better place to engage in this amusing pass time.

 Where ever I looked there was so much going on my brain had trouble taking it all in. Fortunately my camera had no such problems with that. Otherwise I would have missed this glorious shot of Moses and a Federation officer in deep discussion.
We discussed what we would do if we saw a Zombie, but fortunately Shaun of the dead was on hand to help us keep them at bay.
I might have whiplash but it was worth it. My brain is so full of ideas I don't know if I'll be able to get them all down and I still have two days left. And the best part about it was getting to share with two good friends.
So I learned a lot that you don't want to hear about (except when you read my books) but for me, the true highlight of the day was getting to see the creativity of other people. I'm so looking forward to the next couple days. So for now I leave you with the parting thought, that in all my people watching, I found Waldo. (He wasn't that well hidden.)

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