Friday, July 1, 2011

The House That Built Me

Today the line between Elizabeth and Donna is going to get a little blurry. I am a big fan of the show the Voice and just got done watching. Dia Frampton performed "The House that Built Me" with Miranda Lambert. The song sent me on a mental journey to the house that stands out in my mind. Some of you know it, since it is the house I used as inspiration for Lia's in Natural Selection.

Now I don't know why this house stands out the most in my mind. Well, really I do, and I'll get there. It wasn't the happiest I"ve ever been, that is other houses, one of which I probably still know the owners and could walk around if I wanted to. It wasn't the house I lived in the longest, that one is the one I'm in now and the longest before that is an empty field now.

This house stands out as one of the more traumatic places I've lived. This is where many of the things I wrote about in my Musings of a Fragile Mind blog happened. It was a place of pain and trauma. Yet it stand out in my mind as the house of my childhood, the house that built me... There's a story int here, maybe someday I"ll write it...


  1. It's interesting how different homes mean different things to people. The house you associate with trauma and pain is also where you found a lot of inner strength.

  2. I can relate to this. The house that I hold ties to in my mind is a house that not necessarily holds all good memories, in fact, some are not so great. However, if not for this house, and the memories shared there, I wouldn't be who I am today.