Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Natural Selection Interviews - Xander

As we get closer to my release date I was thinking of doing something special to get everybody ready for Natural Selection. I decided to steal a page from Liz Schulte's blog and do character interviews. Only instead of post, these are pre-casting interviews, the ones that got them the role. I will share the ten questions each one was asked and share their answers.

First up is the first character cast in this craziness. You would think that it was Amelia, but honestly, she was the hardest to cast. I still don't think I have her right. So, without further adieu, Alexander Hoffman's casting interview

Hello Alexander, how are you today?
*shrugs* Call me Xander
Xander then. Please have a seat. So today you are auditioning for the part of the older brother, is that correct?
OK, well let's right in then. What in your opinion is the most rewarding part about being a big brother?
Knowing someone is looking up to me and counting on me.Makes me feel like I can conquer anything.
What has been your biggest accomplishment so far in life?
I haven't killed anyone yet, that's an accomplishment. *laughs*
When you meet adversity, how do you overcome it?
With a sledgehammer? *grin*
What do you feel is your greatest strength?
My ability to see the joke in everything. And have you seen these guns? *strikes pose*
You don't take much seriously, do you?
What's the point? Life's too funny to be serious.
What do you feel are the most difficult decisions to make?
Whether or not to tell someone something they need to hear but will be hurt by.
Wow, that was deep.
I'm a deep kinda of guy. *grins devilishly*
*eye roll* If you could redo one thing in your past, what would it be?
My third grade pictures. Who's idea was the damn bowl cut anyway?
What challenges do you most look forward to in the role of big brother?
Keeping my little sister safe despite her best efforts to put herself in danger.
What appeals to you most about this role?
I get a lot of chicks? *chuckles* No, I love the closeness of the family. Family is important to me.
What are your goals in the next five years?
Once I finish high school I think I want to wait to go to college. I'm not all that ambitious so I think winning the lottery then lounging by a pool for ten or fifteen years sounds pretty good. *grins and raises eyebrows a couple times*
Ok, last question. What would you like to say to me to get me to consider you for this role?
Dude, I'm awesome. I'd rock it and you know it. *grins then gets up and leaves*

Join us Friday when we interview Sariah Hoffman.


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  2. Love the mental picture of Xander with a bowl cut! The first time I put but, which is just weird