Friday, July 29, 2011

Natural Selection Interviews, Sariah

I'm sharing all of my characters pre-casting interviews. I ask each of them the same ten questions to see if they fit the role. Today we are ar interviewing for the role of the eldest sibling, Sariah Hoffman.

Good morning Sarah. Please come in.
Um, it's Sariah, sah-ree-a.
Oops, sorry about that.
*shrug* Everyone seems to get it wrong.
*clears throat* Okey, now that it's awkward let's get started. What is the most rewarding part of being the eldest sibling in your opinion?
Being the first to do everything. I'd say being the one in charge, but that's not really the case with this role. *smile*
What is your biggest accomplishment in life so far?
Probably being captain of the varsity dance team my freshman year. I guess I have moves.
When you meet adversity, how do you overcome it?
Either I fuck it, or I fuck it up. Sorry, I do tend to have a potty mouth. I'll try to remember this is Young Adult.
Do try. What do you feel is your greatest strength?
*cups her girls and raises her eyebrows* Um, I'm hot?
Modest too, I see. *clears throat* Anyway, what do you feel are the most difficult decisions to make?
Anything involving other people's emotions. I know how sensitive people really are, and how easily they get hurt. It's hard to make a decision without hurting someone's feelings.
I can only imagine. If you could redo one thing in your past, what would it be?
Jason Eckles. Man, was he a tiger. Oh wait, you don't mean like that, do you? *blushes*
Um, no. Remember, Young Adult.
Then I guess I have to say that frat party I went to my sophmore year. I got a few regrets about that night. *secretive smile*
What challenge do you most look forward to in this role?
Feeling as much as I do, yet maintaining a mysterious stoic air. I hope no one takes it as snobbiness.
What appeals most to you in this role?
*waggles eyebrows*
How many times do I have to remind you this is Young Adult?
At least once more. *wink*
You didn't answer. the question.

No, you just didn't like my answer. *sighs* Fine, I look forward to the bond with my little sister. Watching her slowly come to understand and appreciate me. Happy?
No need to get sarcastic. You know there are plenty of other succubi in consideration for this role.
Then hire them. I'm not going to pretend to be something I'm not, no matter what you think you can turn me into.
What are your goals for the next five years?
To find a sugar daddy and live in luxury the rest of my life. Protitution is always an option.
*scoff, eyebrows rising*
Man, you're a little uptight, aren't you? It was a joke. I'd be a high priced call girl. *wicked smile*
Thank God this is the last question. What would you like to say to get me to consider you for this role?
The fact that I made you squirm and blush only goes to prove I'd be an excellent choice for the role. Think about the room for growth.
Ok, Miss Hoffman, we'll let you know.
*cocky smile* See you on set. *Sashays out*

Thank God that's over. I was afraid I"d have to change the settings on my blog! Join us Monday when we interview  Nathanial Peplow for the role of heartthrob crush.

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