Monday, April 4, 2011

Aaahhhh!!! Zombies!!!! - A photo story

It started like a normal day, because all stories such as this always start as a normal day. Bonnie and Crystal were out enjoying the first really nice day of Spring.

Spirits were high as they drove aimlessly enjoying the fine weather.

With Crystal behind the wheel...

...and Bonnie riding shotgun, they had no idea this was far from an ordinary day.

They were exploring an old cemetery
and generally having fun as they usually did.

But then Bonnie noticed something that wasn't so normal.

Crystal was oblivious at first.

But then Bonnie pointed it out to her.


There was really nowhere to hide.

So the only other option was to run away.

Zombies don't like fast food.

Bonnie found the only thing she could to protect herself with and turned, only to see that Crystal was nowhere in sight.

The slower and less nimble girl had lost her flip flop.

She stumbled and fell, helpless as her friend disappeared from sight.

She screamed as the decaying corpses shuffled forward, eager to feast on her abnormally large brain.

Realizing she was now alone, Bonnie dropped her makeshift club and fled.

When the coast was clear Bonnie returned to see what had become of Crystal, but was overwhelmed with what she found.

All that remained of her friend was the flip flop she had run out of in her final moments.

The moral of the story?

When zombie's attack, it's important to wear appropriate footwear.


  1. LOL - Cute story. Love the pics!

  2. Funny! Loved the pictures & the acting!

  3. Love it! Footwear is important. :-)

  4. Very cute!! LOL I loved all the pictures!! What were you doing exploring in flip flops anyway? Glad you learned your lesson....even if it's too late! :)

  5. That was funny...I love it!! I personlly like to walk the cemetary in 4 inch heels, good thing I have never met a zombie.

  6. Love it... another reason to keep a pair of sensible shoes in the trunk!

  7. Elizabeth! You are so creative! I love the pictures, I can tell you girls had fun with this!