Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Week to come and other stuff

First off, I'd like to let everyone know how very much I've enjoyed reading all of your answers to the hop question this week. I can't wait to read your answer to some of the other questions I have in store for you! I seriously have gone through every last blog and read your answers. Whether they were simple "It's my name" or "tastes like chicken" I loved them all!

I have big news 4 you this coming Friday, so if you don't read any other blogs, make sure you come back 4 that! Big, exciting news, I promise!

I've been super sick with allergies, as well as busy with starting the new job, so my editing is going kind of slow. Since I'm sick, I try to be easy on myself, but it's hard. I want to get the story finished, and since that's what this edit is, I'm getting impatient to be done with it. Then I start the near overwhelming task of editing my stinking grammar. I might be an author, but that does NOT make me good with grammar. ;) I have Chapter One in it's final before the editor state, but i need to flesh out the rest of the story before I worry about it too much. If you're interested in the next-to-final draft, it's on the tab at the top of this blog. But hopefully I can get over being sick soon and get back on pace. I want to have this edit done by the end of the month, which shouldn't be a problem as long as I do at least one chapter a day. Then I give myself until the end of May for the next edit, giving the editor and I the summer to polish it up and get it ready for publishing. I'm flexible if that timeline doesn't work out, but here's hoping it does...


  1. Don't lose your momentum to write...It's still a race to see which of us will publish our book first:)

  2. It's a race? Seriously? I'm so gonna lose. I hate running. :-)

  3. Take care of yourself! Don't want a relapse! Get well!