Monday, April 11, 2011

Giveaway winner announcement and more

So the gift card giveaway is now over. I would like to thank all my new followers. I will try to entertain and inform you. And to all those who have been with me for a little while longer, thank you for hanging in there and I hope it's been worth it. Congratulations CG Powell, the winner of the Amazon gift card, and Lae, the 100th follower and winner of the autographed Warden book. Didn't win this time? Stick around I have more giveaways in store...

Exciting things going on for me, some I can't write about right now. I just got a part time job to help me pay for all the fun stuff I like to do. It's working with cell phones, something I'm very passionate about. You will probably never see me without mine. Also, my hockey team made the playoffs, which is always good. I don't care if you don't care about hockey, it's exciting to me, therefore it must be inflicted upon you .;D I am working on a project with some friends that I cannot and will not discuss until we are officially ready to launch, but it excites me. I love the idea, what we are creating and what my role will be.

Editing is going so-so. I have made it through nine chapters (ten if you count the one that became two chapters) but there are still 19 more to go. So my goal for the week is to get ten chapters this week and nine next. That might seem like a lot, but this is the first informal edit, fleshing out the story and checking for plot holes and dropped plot lines. My wonderful critique partner has been amazing at giving me notes, making me feel very insecure about my own abilities as a critiquer. ;) The problem I have with this edit is actually sitting down to do it. I'm still creating so it's more fun than grammer checks, but it's not the kind of fun writing it in the first place was. But I want it done by September, and with a job coming to steal my time, I'll have to get cracking and do better.

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  1. Yay a hundred followers!!

    You will do wonderful with your edits and your book will be fantastic. It's science. ;-)