Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Write on!

MD Christie and I are starting a private writing challenge tomorrow and I want everyone to hold me accountable! ;D Before you decide it sounds like fun and jump on our band wagon trust me when I say hold out, there's something better coming down the pike. Keep your fork! (I wish I could remember where I read that to share, it's a wonderful analogy!) But we are going to try and churn out 1500 words per day to finish our manuscripts in a month. I'm looking forward to starting it, since I need to buckle down and get serious about Second Nature. I would like to have it written before August 12 when Natural Selection is published.

In other news, I had a blast on my vacation and will be posting my horrifying day at the beach another day. It's funny now, but not so much at the time. I can't even chalk this one up to research. I also want to spend some time on my ghost tour which CAN be used as research, but again, not today.

It's hot. And since my husband left the fan on top of the vent it's unbearable in the office and I must leave now....

Edit: Actually posting a blog entry makes it much easier for people to read...

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  1. You know I was all geeked up to do 3,000 words a day to finish my book, but I found out that was not realistic for me right now. I do the best I can, and any time I can see anything NEAR 1500 I rejoice. I'm thoroughly impressed by you, Donna.