Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Haunting Season (Michelle Muto) Review

Wednesdays are all about all things writing here at Sharp Words, so this week I simply had to review the book I just finished with you all, The Haunting Season, by Michelle Muto. I know I've mentioned it before, but I wanted to go in depth because it was SOOOOO GOOD!

The Blurb:

Be careful what you let in...

Siler House has stood silent beneath Savannah's moss-draped oaks for decades. Notoriously haunted, it has remained empty until college-bound Jess Perry and three of her peers gather to take part in a month-long study on the paranormal. Jess, who talks to ghosts, quickly bonds with her fellow test subjects. One is a girl possessed. Another just wants to forget. The third is a guy who really knows how to turn up the August heat, not to mention Jess's heart rate...when he's not resurrecting the dead.

The study soon turns into something far more sinister when they discover that Siler House and the dark forces within are determined to keep them forever. In order to escape, Jess and the others will have to open themselves up to the true horror of Siler House and channel the very evil that has welcomed them all.

My thoughts:

Five stars for sure! 

This book had my pulse racing late into the night, but I could not put it down When I was done reading for the night, I had to read a second book or play games until my pulse slowed so I could sleep. The story was fast paced with relatable characters with a depth that I was eager to explore. I found myself yelling, laughing out loud and even crying a little. I've rarely been moved by a book the way I was for this one. Michelle has created a world so vivid that I felt like I was in Siler House, desperately struggling with the others. 

This book is intense, so if you are afraid of the dark, read it in the afternoon. I recommend a chaser, to provide a stopgap between pulse-pounding action and sleep, but I highly encourage you to read it. You'll never look at mirrors the same way again.

The last thing I'd like to add is a bit spoilery, so don't read it if you don't want to. In my humble opinion, I think Jess should have opened up a Supernatural can of whop ass and burned them bone! 

If I've intrigued you, check out The Haunting Season in paperback or for Kindle, Nook, or lots of other formats. Feel free to add it to your shelves on Goodreads.You can find Michelle on her blogFacebook or Twitter.

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