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Whisper Legacy Character Monday

Today I’d like to give a warm welcome to our guest Whisper from Kristina Circelli’s Whisper Legacy Series.

Ok, to get things started, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself.
I was named Kanegv by my grandfather, a respected Cherokee Elder. To my people, Tsalagi, my name speaks of my heritage and our long line of Speakers. To the white man, I am known as Whisper, the strange one who hears whispers on the wind. I am no longer of the white man’s world, and have taken my rightful place as ruler of the Land of the Dead.

What makes you tick? What made you who you are today?
I was raised for slaughter, destined for a fate beyond the living realm. This knowledge fueled me as a child and shaped my being. My grandfather, the Elder Smoke Speaker, taught me to walk the Red Road and stay true to my people, so that I could save those who did not even believe in our ways.

What would you say is your greatest strength?
Too many believe themselves to be more than what they are. I know who and what I am, and I follow the path set before me with conviction. I fight with everything that I am to remain true to the Red Road.

Tell me about the person you’re the closest to.
There is no salvation for those who choose this path, and the ones we hold dear to our hearts often slip away in blood and destruction. I do not hold close acquaintances, except for the one bound to me by the power of the medicine wheel. Hunting Hawk was once a guard for the enemy and now is forever joined with me in heart, mind, and soul. He is a strong War Chief, and serves the spirit realm well.

How do you feel about your life as it is today?
Much has happened on the Red Road. I have seen war between enemies, death caused by my own hand, power greater than any a mere mortal could ever understand. We are surrounded by darkness and always threatened by destruction, but such is the path fate has laid before us. This was the life I was raised to die for, and I choose to live it well.

What is the most rewarding thing in your life right now?
The child, Anya, is the light in the darkness. She is the reason why the Great War began, and the reason why it finally came to an end. Her innocence and natural power will be our salvation.

What is your favorite memory?
I took my life to walk the Red Road, knowing what awaited me in the spirit realm. I was groomed for the moment I would enter the Land of the Dead and destroy the one who abused his power and turned his back on his people. Taking his place atop the Fire Tower, the War Chief Hunting Hawk at my side, was the moment I knew that all the pain, all the uncertainty, all the sacrifices made in my living life, were worth my while.

What’s Your Worst?
This realm takes the ones we love most. For all my power, I allowed myself a moment of weakness and stole the life of someone who trusted me. It is a mistake I pay for to this very day, and one that I have vowed to avenge until my final breath. It is why I now seek the Land of Second Deaths and battle the Great Beast, Ukenta, in hopes of restoring a soul taken too soon.

What do you like to do for fun?
The Land of the Dead is a demanding realm. Every moment is dedicated to the spirits in need of guidance. Few moments are allowed for peace, and those I spent riding atop my trusted friend, Eagle, as we soar the sky in search of danger or lost souls.

What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?
As we pass into the spirit world, we pray, “Let me walk in beauty, and may my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset.” It is the sight none forget, even when their souls have forgotten the life they once held dear. Few things in the living or spirit realms are more beautiful than the Western Sun in its natural form.

What is your favorite feature in the opposite sex?
A man must be strong, able to defend his family. He must be steadfast in his convictions and loyal to the one he serves. I have no need for the weak-bodied or weak-minded.

What kind of music do you like to listen to?
I was introduced to the white man’s music in my living life. As I did then, I choose to listen only to the music of my people. The flutes and drums tell us stories, and the stories tell us all we need to know.

What is your favorite word? your least favorite ?
Words are powerful, the lifeblood of our souls. There is no perfect or imperfect word. They must be respected and held tightly, or else they will betray us in our time of need.

What turns you on?
Lust is for the weak. It has no place in the heart of the Land of the Dead’s ruler.
What turns you off?
Weakness. Deceit. Fear.

What sound or noise do you love?
Silence. It is a sound I rarely hear. The whispers of the world are always traveling the winds, and as the ruler of this realm, it is my duty to listen. To always listen, and let those voices guide me.

What sound or noise do you hate?
Silence. It means the whispers have abandoned me, and I am alone in this world.

What is your favorite curse word?
My grandfather taught me the English language, and he taught me well. To be taken seriously in the white man’s world, he said, one must speak better than the enemy. He taught me to put power in my words without needing to curse. I choose my words carefully and show power with them, not weakness.

What profession (other than your own) would you like to attempt?
There is no other profession than my place as ruler of the Land of the Dead. Such is my destiny, and such will always be my focus. I was raised for this duty and I do not allow myself the luxury of dreaming outside of my fate.

What profession would you not like to do?
I was groomed into what I am for one single purpose. Without my title, I am nothing but a spirit lost in the Land of the Dead.

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
The Great Spirit, Unelanvhi, exists in the glory that others envision, and his Spirit World is the sanctuary so many pray to reach. I have met Creator at his gates and he at mine, in times of both war and peace. We are not allies, but neither are we enemies. Creator has denounced my bloodline and cast me out of his realm. I have taken from him the only thing he ever dreamed of for himself - the child, Anya. She is the bond of peace between us. Without her, Creator and I have forsaken one another.

Want to learn more about Whisper and the Land of the Dead? Check out the Whisper Legacy books, Beyond the Western Sun and Walk the Red Road.

 A gripping journey into the heart of Native American legend, "Beyond the Western Sun" follows the epic struggle of Whisper, a young female Cherokee apprentice, on a harrowing adventure into the Land of the Dead to save the captive son of Ian Diavya. Together they face insurmountable odds, conquer terrible demons, and in the process, find a strength and courage within themselves neither knew possible. What they don't know is that these early adventures are only tests, for to save Ian's son, they must also stop the evil-minded Raven-Eater from unleashing his Army of the Dead to destroy the living world. 

As the Army of the Dead marches closer to the Western Sun, as Whisper leads them deeper into the Land of the Dead, and as the truth behind Cole's death is slowly revealed, Ian discovers that the fate of both worlds depends on his courage, his humility, and the life of his son.

An epic saga of hope, redemption, and undying love, Beyond the Western Sun is what all fantasy adventures must strive to be: a complex, intricate examination of human emotion set within the context of worlds known only in our imagination. And in this regard, Beyond the Western Sun is a stunning achievement. Melding fantasy and legend in an epic quest, the third novel of her young career signals the arrival of Kristina Circelli as a master storyteller. Creating the indelible character of Whisper, vividly portraying the worlds that she and Ian must traverse to accomplish their goal, and capturing their human frailties, hopes and fears with depth and touching sincerity, Circelli reminds us with stunning precision the greatness we are all capable of, and the heavy price our actions can rend.

Kristina Circelli is the author of several fiction novels, including The Whisper Legacy books, The Sour Orange Derby, and The Helping Hands series. A descendent of the Cherokee nation, Circelli holds both a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in English from the University of North Florida.

Her novel Beyond the Western Sun is steeped in the spoken narratives of Native American lore, and is at once a gripping story of a father's love and his search for redemption as well as a written record of a Nation's belief system. Part adventure, part myth, and altogether riveting, the third novel from Kristina Circelli signifies the emergence of an important voice in Native American literature.

From her extraordinary ability to vividly create heretofore-unknown worlds to her engaging prose, Circelli's Beyond the Western Sun is a landmark novel from one of the freshest new voices in all of contemporary American fiction.

Western Sun is available in paperback or for Kindle. You can also add it to your shelves on Goodreads.

Walk the Red Road can be found in paperback or Kindle. Don’t forget to add it to your shelves, too. And keep your eyes open for book three, Into the Shadow Realm, coming soon.

You can find Kristina on her website, blog, Facebook, Twitter or you can email her at

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