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Trey from the upcoming novel by Magan Vernon ~ Character Monday

Today I’d like to welcome Trey from Magan Vernon’s The Only Exception

Ok, to get things started, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself.
Okay *clears throat, straightens collar* My name is Trey Chapman, yes the governor's son. I'm a sophomore Political science major at Central College with a concentration in State and Local Government. I have to older brothers, Tripp and Trigg, and am a member at large of Alpha Mu fraternity.

What makes you tick? What made you who you are today? 
 I'd have to say my strong values and political beliefs. That and my ability to compromise.

What would you say is your greatest strength? 
My quick wit. My girlfriend would probably say that's my biggest weakness, but don't listen to her...unless of course she is reading this interview.

Tell me about the person you’re the closest to.
That's a tough one. I guess at this point I'd have to say my girlfriend, Monica Remy. I've told her things I've never told anyone else and she still loves me. Even with all my faults the girl still gets me and keeps me around.

How do you feel about your life as it is today?
I think it's completely different than what I would have expected. If my dad would have had his way I would be at Dartmouth, leading some underground secret boys club and handing out pamphlets to random people on the street about the importance of voting. Instead, I'm still in college and still in a fraternity but it doesn't consume my whole life. Monica taught me that. Politics isn't everything.

What is the most rewarding thing in your life right now? 
 Using my father's political standing for good. In a weird way, I don't think my relationship with Monica would have been the same if it wasn't for the fact that my dad was the governor. But for more on that you just have to read The Only Exception.

What is your favorite memory?
*whispers* Is Monica reading this? Okay good. The day I first met her she was the prettiest girl I'd ever seen. She didn't want me to give her the time of the day, but I sort of, in a non-creeper-way followed her to Mario's where she went for dinner and just plopped down across from her. If I didn't take a chance and put myself out there I wouldn't have ever met her. She still hates me for it.

What’s Your Worst?
*Author Magan Vernon comes in yelling * NO SPOILERS. *Trey looks dumbfounded* Oh, okay. Um, well I kind of got in a big fight with my girlfriend. It got really heated and political and I made an ass of myself for it. I will never forgive myself for that.

What do you like to do for fun?
Watch a lot of news channels, taking long drives, dancing, chess, and watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Pardon my French, but Nene is cray cray.

What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?
Monica. Yes, it's cheesy. The first time I saw her she was standing in the hallway balancing a box that was way too big for her. I first heard her sexy voice and then saw her mound of red hair. I'd been a fan of redheads ever since my first Spiderman comic and when I saw Monica I knew that I had to take the chance and talk to the redheaded beauty or forever hold my piece.

What is your favorite feature in the opposite sex?
I could be crass and say what I'm really thinking, but I'll go with the non-physical and say a girl with her own opinion is incredibly sexy. Someone who just doesn't go with the crowd and does what she wants. That and if she has a great ass...

What kind of music do you like to listen to?
I've been really into Mumford and Sons lately. They have an old Irish band feel. That and classical music, it reminds me of bath tubs and bubbles and other things...

What is your favorite word?

What is your least favorite word?

What turns you on?
Well, that's a little personal isn't it? If you must know, lip biting. Whether she's biting my lip or her own, there is something incredibly sexy about the nibbling.

What turns you off?
When someone needs to use a lot of cursing, whether it's in their daily discussions or during intimate moments, it's just not needed.

What sound or noise do you love?
"I voted republican"

What sound or noise do you hate? 
"Voting is for saps."

What is your favorite curse word? 
I'm not much of a swearing person. I feel that the same thing could be said without cursing.

What profession (other than your own) would you like to attempt? 
I'd like to get into politics, like my dad, but if that doesn't work out I've always wanted to be a teacher. It's not exactly politics, but teaching someone and showing them your views is just as rewarding.

What profession would you not like to do?
Sports announcer. I can't follow all that.

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? 
"Here, pants are optional."

You can learn more about Trey in The Only exception, available April 9th. 

Fiercely liberal Monica Remy prefers to blend in. Despite her tattoos, piercings, and outspoken personality, she transferred to Central to escape—before she finds out that her next door neighbor is the uber conservative governor's son, Trey Chapman. No matter how hard she tries to avoid Trey, he still finds a way to get under her skin. Monica can’t stand his crisp white shirts or his staunch views on women. But she can’t help counting every freckle on his face and wondering what it would feel like to have him stop talking politics and kiss her. A class debate project forces the unlikely pair to work together, and the political lines are blurred in late-night make out sessions. But despite their fiery chemistry, Trey’s politics threatens to smother their relationship for good.

**Due to sexual content and heavy subject matter, this book is recommended for ages 16+**

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Magan Vernon is a Young Adult and New Adult writer who lives with her family in the insurance capital of the world. She is in a very serious, fake relationship with Adam Lambert and constantly asks her husband to wear guyliner. He still refuses. She also believes her husband is secretly an alien, disguised as a southern gentleman. You can stalk... I mean follow Magan on Twitter and Facebook.

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