Monday, December 12, 2011

Do YOU beleive?

As an urban fantasy author, I deal a lot with legends, myths and tales of the supernatural. I'm sure it's no surprise then that I love any shows that deal with mysteries and the unknown. I was watching a program today and couldn't help thinking about belief.

A person's beliefs are as unique as the people themselves. Everyone has their own ideas. Now I'm not talking about religion, because that's not a topic I like to talk about publicly. I'm talking the kind of elements I deal with in my stories—ghosts, aliens, mythological creatures.

Many of these stories are sprinkled liberally around the globe. The myths had to come from somewhere, so how did they spread through isolated civilizations with so many similarities? Let's take dragons, for example. I've heard all kinds of suggestions from them actually existing to ancient cultures trying to figure out dinosaur bones. The truth is we can never really know the true origins of these tales, or how much truth they hold. And we probably won't find out in this life. So in the end, it all comes down to—-What do you believe?

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