Saturday, May 28, 2011

About the writer's hop...

Life has officially gotten in the way of me organizing the writer's hop and frankly, interest seems to be waning. I'm out of ideas except this one. Who's up for a roaming host? Each week, the reins get passed from one writer to the next. I will choose someone to do Firday's post, they will choose the next who will choose the next, repeatedly passing it down the line. In your post, you let everyone know who you plan to pass it to the next week.Think up your own question and let everyone answer it as before. This shares the follower love. I don't know if anyone likes this idea, but either that or I will pass the host reins off to someone else, or the hop stops here. Volunteers? Ideas? Suggestions? Please share...

1 comment:

  1. Hey, I am so sorry the blog hop is R.I.P. It was fun and I got to meet lots of new people, so thank you for your time and trouble. Maybe, we can try it again in the fall--May seems to be a very busy month and then we have vacations. What do you think?
    Thanks again and please check in as I will, too.