Monday, May 30, 2011

The Cast of Natural Selection...

I totally ganked this idea from Rachel Vincent's blog, but I really like the idea so I decided to run with it. It seems like fun.

What movie can you cast your book from? Hmmm..... Well, I will focus on Natural Selection since it is complete and I'm only a quarter of the way into second Nature. I'm gonna have to go with Bottle Shock for this one. HAven't seen it? Alan Rickman, Chris Pine, Eliza Dusku... Why are you still sitting there? Go rent it!

Anywho, I cast my characters witht eh acrtresses/actors of this film and with a couple exceptions, I'm happy with it..

Eliza Dushku as Amelia. Imagine her with copper hair and I can totally see it!

I'm not even kidding this is almost exactly how I picture Sariah in the first scene of Second Nature. I know I said I was sticking with Natural Selection, but I had to use this photo for the above reason.

Chris Pine as Xander. I swear I wasn't using Chris Pine when I first imagined Xander, but I might be from now on.

Mark Famigletti as NAte. I've never heard of him before, but I think I need to better aquaint myself. ;)

Marian Filali, another name I don't recognize, is perfect as Nancy, if she had red hair, of course. But I guess since my Amelia has brown hair, so can her mom...

Anjuli Sannerman as Evelyn. Ironically my brunette character is cast by the girl with reddest hair, but she screams Evelyn to me...

Anita Argent as Monica MAtthews

Alan Rickman as Frank Hoffman. What he lacks in similarity to my vision he makes up with awesomeness! I LOVE Alan Rickman. 

Bill Pullman as Peter MAtthews. I haven't found a muse photo for Peter yet, but I think I just did!

So these are all my major characters. Obviously these are not dead ringers, but I could deal with this. If they ever make a movie out of my books I hope to get to choose from a wider range of actors. ;)

So how about you? Can you cast your characters using a single movie? Feel free to use IMDB. I did....


  1. Grest post...I don't think I could match mine up like that unless I find a movie with a cast of 1000....LOR maybe?

  2. Good choices. Hmmm this seems like a challenge. I will have to think about it for a little while.

  3. I'm going to have to go pull out some bollywood movies to try and cast mine I think! :)