Thursday, May 5, 2011

And here you thought I'd dropped of the planet...

I try to update regularly, but I have been letting things slide lately. I have SO many irons in the fire right now, I don't know if i"m going or coming. I'm going to experiment this coming Tuesday and say absolutely no phone or internet between eight and five except a lunch break. We'll see how effective i can be without the distraction, or if I'm even capable.

I pushed until the last second of my deadline to get my short for the upcoming anthology published. For those of you not aware of my work with 4 Corners press, we are working on a dream anthology with works by our six members and the two winners of our dream contest. I just finished my short and I love it. It has been sent to my editor. I want to take a second to thank VK Tremain for their AWESOME assistance, especially given the time crunch I was under.

My goal going forward is going to be make more time for writing so I don't feel guilty for neglecting friends and family because I spend every waking second glued to a computer. I need to take a step back from the internet and use it less often... Anyway, this was my attempt to let you know, yes, I"m still here. Yes, I"m still working on stuff. No, I don't have specific dates for any release. And as always to say thank you all for your continues support....

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  1. I cannot wait to read the Dream On Anthology! It was a pleasure to help you out, it's a fantastic short story! Everyone is going to love it.