Thursday, May 26, 2011

On Bad Reviews...

Ok folks, I've had something stewing inside me and it's time I let it out. I am getting so fed up with authors crying over every bad review. Don't get me wrong, it's ok to hurt and it's ok to cry. IN PRIVATE. But to bash a reviewer for forming an opinion that they are entitled to is just plain retarded! Any publicist will tell you, good or bad, press coverage is a good thing. How many of you have heard something bad about something and rushed to check it out - a movie, or a website, or yes, even a book. I personally don't like a book with only good reviews because no matter how wonderful or famous a book is, not everyone likes it. Look at Stephanie Meyers. How many Twihards are in the house? How many haters? Love her or hate her, you have an opinion. I bet Stephanie doesn't lose sleep over every opinion out there. Not everyone is going to love you. And that's ok. I know that each book is our baby, but the only way to honestly keep it unscathed forever is to lock it away from the world which is a tragedy. If you let every single blow bring you down, maybe the writing world isn't for you. It's ok to hate the review that is just mean, or strategizing, but don't hate a reviewer just because they don't agree with you. And don't forget, just because the person you're whining to is a fellow author, doesn't mean they're not a reviewer, or friends with one. And the toes you step on today could belong to the crucial dance partner of tomorrow. So zip your lips, buy some good rum and mourn in private, then come back tomorrow with some Tylenol and a shiny new attitude, determined to prove them wrong...


  1. maybe it's because of what I write but I kind of love bad reviews. Consumed by Love is erotic horror and intended to push boundaries and break taboos so when I make people uncomfortable that's success to me. No one has said it's badly written (because it's not) but many hate it. Yeah!

    My novel is a middle eastern superhero and I expect to get a lot of shit for that too, I say bring it on, if I upset you enough to sling that shit then I reached you didn't I!

  2. Well said E!! It would be a travesty to have to censor our opinions, after all freedom of speech, and freedom of press is what allows us to be writers in the first place, is it not?
    Pavarti, so true! Love it or hate it... You have done your job right if you cause someone to feel passionate about it one way or the other!

  3. Amen, sister! When I entered a contest 20+ years ago, two people loved my mss. and two hated it. I mentioned it to a pro author and she said, "You're doing some pretty powerful writing then." I submitted to another contest a few months ago and just got the results. A few of the criticisms I'd already fixed, but a few I had no clue it read that way.
    On the other hand, it behooves the reviewer to not be a hater, but express their legitimate opinions in an honest and constructive/educational way. Opinions?

  4. That's exactly what I was trying to say. It's ok to get upset if they're just being nasty or rude, but if it's well worded and has sound reasoning, then roll with the punches, baby. If you go down with the first punches, how will you stand up to the whole twelve rounds?