Sunday, May 22, 2011

Second Nature

So while I wait for my critiques to come back to do the final edit, I started book two, which is going really well. I'm having a really good time hanging out with my characters again. I think I'm in love with Xander, I'd leave my husband for him if he, you know, really existed. ;)

I am burning the candle at both ends and it's only a matter of time before something has to give. I'm not sure how long until 4Corners starts to actually pay, but I hope soon so I can dedicate myself to it more fully... Meantime, I am divided and conflicted. I seriously dread the end of each day because I know the next one I have to go back. I really don't know what I'm going to do. I think once i get enough set aside to pay for everything I have planned then I might quit...

Had a couple inquiries at 4Corners ala carte menu, but no takers yet. Once made it as far as the mock up and sent it to her she backed out. So I think I'm going to mock up a title and add some fake covers of books to show my skillz... lol


  1. I fell in love with my villain from my first novel...he got his own story in the second book, the persuasive devil he is. LOL Oh the men my imagination makes up. :)

    Best of luck with your book and the publishing venture!

  2. I am seriously in love with one of my characters. I thought I would fall for a different character, so this came as a surprise to me. I guess I love those silent, angsty guys ;)

    I think some mock covers are a great idea! It will help give your potential clients a better idea of just how awesome you are ;)

  3. I'm so in love with one of my characters...Beckett is such a geek...I love it.

    Mock covers would be great, make it to where all a person needs to do is have you replace the title and name with their info.

  4. Hello - new here!

    Came by via #WW on Twitter.

    LOL I can totally see how the creator of a character can be in love with their creation. Good luck with your writing. Please stop by my blog & say hi, become a minion even. ^.^