Monday, March 14, 2011

Finding my genre...

Today I would like to set forth for all future intents and purposes I am an Urban Fantasy author. I am currently working on a YA nook, but that will not be the norm, just this story had to be teens, therefor it must be a young adult.

What's the difference between paranormal romance and urban fantasy? I'm so glad you asked. According to some official romance writing royalty (aka the RWA ;D ) a paranormal romance is defined as having a plot that centers around two people falling in love. The conflict and the climax of that novel must center around that romance. There can be subplots and other things going on, but the core of the book has to deal with the developing relationship. Also, a romance novel has to have a emotionally satisfying ending, according to said Romance Gods.

I on the other hand write Urban fantasy. This is contemporary fantasy set in the "real" world that features all the creepy crawlers that go bump in the night. These novels feature extraordinary plots where the protagonist faces unfolding events that deal with magic, whether open or hidden. Romance could be involved but is not necessary. In other words, Urban Fantasy is a fantasy story dealing with fantastical happenings in this world rather than a wholly imaginary landscape. The most prominent (though definitely not the best) example of this is Twilight. If you want a FANTASTIC example of Urban Fantasy, you need look no further than my inspiration, my driving force, the person I would most like to be compared to artistically, HP Mallory. Don't worry, this isn't subtlety fishing for complements, I honestly could think of no higher compliment than being compared to her in a positive light.

So let it be known from now until to forever that I am Elizabeth Sharp, Urban Fantasy Author.

P.S. Yesterday's word count was 1,869. Today's goal is of course 2500 words. And tomorrow's blog I will be discussing what the heck all this word counting means to me personally...


  1. Glad you're found, Elizabeth Sharp, Urban Fantasy Author.
    I didn't know you were missing, but nice to know you're here!;)

  2. My about Me used to say I hadn't found myself I was in doubt, but I think I"m getting it figured out...

  3. Congratulations on finding yourself. Me, I'm still searching but it's fun trying too find it.

  4. It is hard to choose one genre. So it is wonderful you did! I vacillate, can any say commitment issues. Elizabeth Sharp, Urban Fantasy author has a nice ring to it.