Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"The road to hell is paved with adverbs." ~Stephen King

So yesterday I set myself the seemingly lofty goal of 3,000 words in a day. I'll confess to periods of distraction followed by periods of ignoring scheduled breaks, but at the end of the day, I had reached 3,500 words. *nearly dislocates shoulder patting self on the back* So in reward I gave myself the night off to pamper myself. I caught up on several things that as a cosmetologist I should be ashamed of not doing. So now I sit here groomed and confident and ready to spew out another 1000 words, today's simpler goal. The rest the week will be 1.5k a day. If I reach those goals, I will get my legs waxed this weekend. Yay! Write on!

I had discussion in my writing group last night about the random questions we, as authors, ask. And the less than helpful responses we get in response. "Er." "I have no idea!" and my all time favorite *insert eye roll here* "What is wrong with you?" And I definitely had an evening full of them. My poor husband, bless his heart, felt terrible for failing me. But Google, lovable Google, you always come through for me without a single funny look or bewildered comment. No judgments there. You always know what the funniest Halloween costume is or what kind of sneakers could be spotted across the parking lot .

So let's talk about Halloween. What do you mean it's only MArch. Oooooh, You're talking about the real world. Pish posh! Who has time for that? So after a night of annoying everyone I know, I came up with five appropriate costumes, including Tinkerbell, Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood, Clark Kent turning into Superman and finaly a shark swallowing somebody from the knees up. Yes, that was Google's answer to funny Halloween costumes. That could be used by a high schooler, anyway.

And finally I thought I'd take some time to talk about books. No, not mine, I talk about that one all the time. Today let's talk about what's on my Kindle and what would be on Lia's. For me I am currently reading The Kindness of Strangers
which so far enthralling, though it does contain strong themes and is not for the faint of heart or the traumatized. I just finished Vampire's Warden and let me tell you, S.J. is evil. She even admitted to it in an email. Honest! As for Lia, she at the time I quit writing last night, she was reading the first book of the Guardian Trilogy by Liz Shultz called Secrets. Se has not yet formed an opinion but it is viewed as a good escape from her troubles. She just finished Vampires for the Technical Advancement of Witches, which she enjoyed but found no answers to her problems. And the other night she busted her mom reading Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble, but her mom tried to play innocent about it. There will be more references as the book grows, and one day I will put all these titles in a convenient place for you to see. If the title is not a link to the Amazon Kindle store, then sadly that book has not yet been published. Perhaps someday soon I will be able to come back and add links, but for now I am stuck just telling you they are awesome and if you get a chance you should buy it. I have an in with the authors and can't imagine the people I know and love would produce bad work. :D

And now I'm off to walk the climax of the book and make sure it's at least plausible.

"Don't interrupt my fantasies with your pesky reality!" Amelia Hoffman

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  1. No judgment here! I loved hearing about your Musing endeavors this morning!