Friday, August 19, 2011

Anendesora, the typo queen.

First off, I want to explain the title. As a huge Wheel of Time fan I joined a website dedicated to the series. I was stoked to discover that Avendesor, the Tree of Life which features heavily in the books, wasn't taken. Once registration was complete and it was too late to change it, I realized I had typoed and had, in fact, registered as Anendesora. Rather than crying over spilled milk I ran with it, adding the title "The Typo Queen" to my name. Other board members ran with it, and I was showered with avatars, funny quotes and bad typo confessions.

In the spirit of this tradition, I decided to share some of the typos I have made that made me laugh. You ready?

  • Knocking her off of my feet (Hey if someone was on my feet, I'd knock them off too!)
  • Stealing my spine (Ow! All I can think of is a video game, possibly from a cartoon, of a ninja killing someone by ripping out their spine. Ow, indeed.)
  • Put my arm around my shoulders (flexible, ain't she)
  • You spinal down into depression (Well, what do you expect when people are running around stealing spines)
  • Sitting in a stool (Cause all the cool people sit in furniture, not on it)
  • Thanks for being my fat checker ( I don't want to know... One letter makes it a whole new job description)
  • Wenching it up onto the bed (Sooo not what I was going for. That's a whole different story!)
  • Leaning hats on his arms (I have no idea how this one happened but it made me laugh
I saved the best for last. Second best typo ever first place isn't mine). You ready?

  • A bullet in the boob rain works (said by a succubus, this is funny on so many different levels)
I'm sure these are not all the typos, just the ones I remembered to type out with doing this post in mind. I had fun writing it and hope you did too. You may see another of these come across in the future.

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