Friday, August 5, 2011

Natural Selection Interviews - Amelia

Today I am sharing the last interview, this time for the most important role, the lead character. I sat down with Amelia Hoffman and asked her the same ten questions I asked all the others.

Hello Amelia. How are you today?
Um, it's Lia, and good, thank you.
Ok, have a seat and we'll get started.
*smiles nervously and perches on the edge of the chair*
So, what do you think is the most rewarding part of this role?
I think it is the growth of the character. I'm so quiet and shy and I like the idea of slowly opening up.
I like that answer. What do you think is your biggest accomplishment in life?
Staying out of the spotlight. I hate being the center of attention. It's my goal in life to become invisible.
You know that's not going to happen when you take the lead role, right?
I told you I needed to grow. *smiles*
When you meet adversity, how do you overcome it?
I deal with it how it needs to be dealt with. I think of the most logical conclusion, then do that. Unless I'm emotional. Then I just run away.
What do you feel is your greatest strength?
My ability to fade into the background?
That's not really a strength. Isn't there anything about yourself you're proud of?
My family, but that's not really a strength... I guess it's that I'm very grounded and realistic. And my sense of humor isn't bad either.
If you could redo one thing in the past, what would it be?
I wouldn't waste time seeing Titanic. Can you say over rated?
What challenge do you most look forward to in this role?
Learning to overcome my shyness and maybe kick some ass.
What appeals to you most about this role?
The sense of family. I am all about family.
What are your goals for the next five years?
Survive high school. I hear the cheerleaders eat freshman for breakfast. *smiles*
Anything you would like to say to make me consider you for the role?
I am quiet and shy, but with prompting, I think I can grow into a strong heroine the reader can truly love.
Thank you Miss Hoffman, I think you'll be a fine addition.

Join me next week as we take a look at some of the mythology and research that went into Natural Selection. And join me next Friday for the release. There will be games, and the obligatory giveaways. You don't wanna miss this!

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