Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On platforms and stuff...

So today I was looking at my blog stats and I'm detecting a distinct trend. I have a good month with lots of posts and lots of views, then a not so good month. Then a good, so on and so forth. I don't know why this is a trend, just that it is. I also have learned that I over complicated the book hop, I think, which may have led to it's demise. And my book release was the second highest page views for a single post, topped only by one of the early Follow Fridays. What does this mean? I don't know this one either. Maybe I'm just rambling, I don't know.

So Today I'm thinking about my platform and how I want to go about building it. My number one way is to continue putting out quality books that people love to read. My number two way is going to be by letting the world see the human side of me. Day by day the wall that separates Elizabeth and Donna is coming down-- a crap, now I sound like I have multiple personalities! Anyway, I'm trying to get the hang of the whole social networking thing, trying to figure out what ones work and what ones don't. I have Facebook, Twitter and this blog down. Haven't formed an opinion on Google+ yet. And still struggling to find my niche on Goodreads.

How about you? What forms of social media do YOU use to build your following? Do you see something I'm NOT doing that I SHOULD be? Let me know. I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Marketing is the hardest thing I do, I think. On one hand, it brings me in contact with amazing authors like yourself and so many others I'm just getting to know but it feels like this constantly moving line that I need to walk. The good news is, we're all trying to walk that line together. If it'll help, we could hold hands! =)