Wednesday, March 9, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different

Today I thought I"d do something completely different and share a couple of my poems. Without further adieu...

Familiar Faces

Familiar faces watch me

From a photo in a frame

Someone that I should have known

More than just by name

I wonder if they're proud of me

If I am good enough?

And when it comes down to it

How do I measure up?

Would they say my jeans too tight

My shirt is just too loose

No lady wears her hair like this

And just what's with my shoes?

Or would they think I'm beautiful

Because I come from them?

And does it matter anyway?

They're still gone in the end

I never got to know them

They were gone before I came

I wish that I could tell you more

Than just two simple names

This photo's all I have of them

That I can touch and see

And as I look I wonder

Are they proud of me?

I Remember the Cowboy

I remember the cowboy

And the stories that he told

About all his adventures

When he was young in days of old

I remember the cowboy

His spurs covered in rust

All the things that he had done

Coated him like dust

I remember the cowboy

Who thought he was alone

Oh, but how I loved him

Even now that he is gone

I remember the cowboy

And the story he never told

How he died alone

Beaten, weathered and old

I remember the cowboy

And the faded hat he wore

Gone forever from this world

To be seen no more

I remember the cowboy

As I say goodbye

But I will not shed a tear

Grandpa hated to see me cry

So the first one is quite true, about my grandparents that died six years before I was born, killed by a drunk driver. The second one is a fictional narrative.


  1. Those are lovely, Elizabeth. I can feel the emotion in them as I read.

  2. I loved them, Elizabeth! Beautiful, you have a gift with words.