Saturday, March 12, 2011

My other talents

I am a woman of many talents. Writing is the one that is taking priority right now, but there are other interests.

As you might have seen somewhere, I am a cosmetologist. I have done everyone's hair in every family picture since I was in high school. I would like to open a business that does special events hair and makeup on location. It's my plan to use my first book sale profits as start up.

I make jewelry, have been since my sister bought me a kit when I was 13. I tried to find out how to become a bench jeweler, who designs the actual pieces, but can't find anything that isn't at least a three hour commute.

I am an artist, though I'd really give myself intermediate level. I work best with photo manipulation, though I can draw. I kinda suck at people, though. I designed my own book cover. I am almost done with Nature lover and then I will be able to post it here for everyone, it just still needs some tweaking. I had so much fun making the first book cover I started the second and it's about halfway done, even though the first book is only about halfway written. lol

I love to bake. This one is a little bittersweet because I married a diabetic and he can't have a lot of the stuff I like to make. And yes I know there are diabetic recipes out there, I just don't generally care for them. But every Christmas I get to bake whatever I want and divide it up between our families, and it kind of makeups up for being deprived the rest of the year. This year I'm thinking about making either pies or cakes for them as well as my usual cookies. I also think I might make stuff to take to the in-laws the rest of the times I visit, get the baking bug out of my sister four times a year instead of just once...

I crochet. I don't have the patience to make anything big, but I make some adorable purses. I currently have about five half done which I plan to use as gifts this year for Christmas. And yes, I've already started working on Christmas so I don't have to rush to get anything done...

So I am a creative, crafty person. Why am I telling you this? Perhaps someday I might need to explain that no writing getting done because project X has to be finished. Mostly though, I just wanted to know what everyone else's other talents are.


  1. Sisters of different mother's!! I have the exact same interests. I write, I bake, I make bead jewelry (but don't sell it lol) and I knit and crochet winter hats. Lately all I've been doing is writing but I take time out here and there to do the other things. You Rock Elizabeth!! I'd love to see some of your bead work or exchange recipes with you since I'm a fan of no sugar baking etc. You are indeed a true artist. xoxo

  2. I had the battle of the muses yesterday, my Jewelry muse needed to work and the writting muse got angry about it. The knitting muse is on vacation until Aug and the photogaphy muse is just waiting for the sun to come out.

  3. Khloe, obviously the picture on this post is one of mine and there's plenty more on my "real profile...

    As for recipes, I'll have to find my sugar free cookbook again. I'm currently in love with my Amish cook book. Such good food!

  4. I used to crochet,and I still do very special projects for special gifts. I do filet crochet, from the cotton mercerized thread... made a gorgeous baby blanket for my nephew years ago... he's in Kandahar now in the AirForce.
    Love to bake, and with 2 teen sons, I get to bake and cook quite a bit.Lately it's been lots of meat, since they're both growing & active in drill & track, but every b'day I make a special cake. I make great cheesecakes, checkerboard cakes, and a to-die-for chocolate raspberry cake with ganache topping.
    What I really love, besides writing, is interior design. I sew, and I make window treatments, & am about to recover the sofa cushions and make new throw pillows.Most of my walls are a creamy beige, w/all the front rooms & entry in gulf blue. It's like the beach year round. Where the walls are cream, I used gulf blue sheers on the windows over grass shades... the upholstery picks up the colors. I painted my countertops to look like faux black granite, & added stainless steel tiles to the backsplash.
    Well! That was TMI!
    I like to wear the jewelry, but have no desire to bead. But I love all the beautiful one of kind pieces people make.

  5. You guys all have so many talents. You are truly fabulous women.

    Let me think what I do besides write. Hmmmm really I write a lot. hahaha I mean not just novel but crazy short stories, silly poems, and anything anyone wants.
    Besides for that I scapbook occasionally. I travel a lot so I have tons of photos that always need to be scrapbooked. I run, I picked it up last summer and have done a few 5k's. I intend to do a 10k this fall. I do yoga because I love the peace of mind and the really relaxed feeling I leave with. I play trivia every week not really a talent per se, but I enjoy it. I love to cook. I don't use cookbooks I just make up recipes. My family has been harassing me to make them a cookbook with my recipes, but I do not measure either so it makes it difficult.

  6. I love this post...and I too, share about all of your same interests. Oh, this is the Kristina half of VK. Let's see, Have a BA in Fine Art, planned to teach HS art...but due to all the cutting of arts, that didn't happen. So, I draw, paint, do ceramics, jewelry design and beadwork (had a side business for that for a little while), pretty much anything arts related. I do a lot of baking/cooking with the two little ones (they are 3 and 5). As for Virginia, she too is submerssed in the arts with her Interior Design degree...she dabbles in painting, jewelry design, she did a lot of theatre work, sewing. Oh and we both love photography and take our huge cameras with us on our research trips...we have another one of those coming up in April to NOLA! So there should be some good pictures from that ;) But right now, writing is our main focus, and it's a blast!!!

  7. Oh and V is a foodie, food snob, whatever you would like to call it. And we both like wine tasting, but living so close to the Napa Valley has us spoiled.

  8. This is great! I paint murals, the biggest one was 22' x 14'. I had to rent scaffolding for that one. I also LOVE to make things out of felt. I make hair bows, pacifier clips, christmas ornaments. Recently I made a mobile for my friend who is pregnant. I made little owls and that hung from real tree branches. I was really proud of that, because it was so darn cute! I also enjoy painting in all forms. It is one of the only activities other than writing that I really loose myself.

    I like to bake too! I am the cupcake queen in the family. I make cupcakes for every holiday, and they get crazier and more intense every year. I love it!

    I'm glad you shared this, I love seeing what everyone likes to do.