Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It is official. Natural Selection is done. Let the editing process begin.

So I have been awarded The Memetastic Award by Rosa Lee Jude over at Twists of a Tale. She's a writer I have had the pleasure meeting in the online HP Wroter's Club. So what exactly do I win? Apparently not a whole heck of a lot. But I get this great icon and now you get to play a fun game! So here's the rules of this award....
  1. You must proudly display the absolutely disgusting graphic in a post
  2. You must list 5 things about yourself, and 4 of them must be bold-faced lies. Your readers are to guess which one is the truth by posting a comment on your blog.
  3. You must pass this awesomely, prestigious award on to 5 deserving bloggers.
So here ya go....

And the five lucky contestants I will tag are, in no particular order:

Feel free to ignore me. I'm used to it.... ;)

And lastly my five facts. Can YOU guess which one is true?

1) I have been to every continent except Africa.
2) I am a bit of a World of Warcraft geek and have three level 85's.
3) I worked as a security guard in San Diego for a year where i met Arsenio Hall, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Christopher Reeves and no less than four extras from the movie Titanic.
4) I once fancied myself a playwright and wrote countless plays, none of them very good.
5) I have several siblings, all of which i am very close to.

So which is true and which is not. I WILL answer when someone gets it right. ;)


  1. I vote for Number 2...but I've been wrong before, not very often, but that's another story!

  2. Sorry, #2 is actually my husband. My highest level character is level 65.

  3. Sorry. I have only been to three, North and South America and Europe. You do realize that would mean I've been to Antartica, right? Keep trying and eventually you HAVE to get it right. ;)

  4. I don't believe you really met Christopher Reeves. There!

    Did you?

  5. I DO have lots of siblings, but i am not close to them. Some I haven't spoken to in fifteen years...

  6. Ding, ding ding, we have a winner. Congratualtions Liz!

    Yes, I worked speciel events security in Sand diego for a year. Among the events I worked were PGA golf tournaments at Torey Pines and La Jolla (Tiger), NCAA MArch Basketball finals (Michael & Arsenio), and A Peter Lowe Success seminar where i met Mr. Reeves, post-accident. When he smiled and teased him about talking to a "lowly security guard" he told me "As long as you do what you do with all of your heart, you will never be just anything." Words to live by.

  7. Great post :-) would participate but I think my nose is falling off my face as I'm trying to sneeze my brain out. Pollen down here is around 2400 and during this time of year I'm lucky to be half coherent . xo

  8. Argh! I am too late to play the game! But I am pleased to "meet" you and I look forward to keeping track of your progress!