Friday, March 11, 2011

Television Overload

I think I've fairly well covered books, so I thought I'd move on to my favorite tv shows.

Castle... Mmmmm, Nathon Fillian. Need I say more? OK, so a pampered author tags along with a police detective helping solve crimes. Far fetched? Probably. But who cares. Did I mention Nathon Fillian?

Bones - Any plot hole can be filled with David Boreanez, but they don't really need it for this one. Based on the novels by Kathy Reichs (which I didn't care for, I might add) it follows super rational forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan (Bones) and her FBI partner Seely Booth. Humor and murder, two of my favorite flavors!

Supernatural - Yes, more hotties. Jenson Ackles and Jared Padalecki play brothers Dean and Sam Winchester. After their mother's murder they become hunters and go around saving the world from things that go bump in the night. The influence of this show is easily seen in my non-traditional ideas on traditional creatures.

Face Off - I'm a cosmetologist, does it really surprise you I'm into special effects makeup? I love this show and would love to have their skills, but I'm really more of a normal makeup girl.

Law and Order: SVU - The only one of the L&O series I ever cared for, it's the characters I can really relate to in this one. And, putting my cosmetologist hat back on, I love Olivia's makeup and have recreated her makeup on myself.

Being Human - Wasn't sure I was going to include this one as I'm still making up my mind, but I'm starting to come down on the Won't miss it side so here it is. A werewolf, a vampire and a ghost, oh my! These unlikely roommates put a fun new twist on the odd couple. And once again, adorable!

Warehouse 13 - Ok, so a lot of the plots are weird and the acting is sometimes questionable, but the interaction between the characters is fun so I don't really care.

Covert Affairs - After one episode i was sold on this show, though the premise seems a bit overplayed, when the blind Auggie took off his shirt I was a fan for life :D

Psych - A fake psychic solving real crimes? Count me in! Between Shawn's craziness and Gus's awkwardness, there's something here for everyone and i love it all.

Leverage - I first started watching this after meeting Aldis Hodge at a Supernatural convention (yes, they have those, and yes, I'm dorky enough to go to them) but I love the show. Besides, who doesn't love a good heist show?

Vampire Diaries - If you read my blog at all you know this answer. Come on people keep up! lol For those of you who are new around here, I have one word for you. Damon. *sigh*

So now maybe you understand why my poor DVR is so overburdened. There are a few more, but if I didn't have a DVR I probably wouldn't watch them. I'm sure there are more that I'm forgetting. And if I could only watch one of them for the rest of my life, it would probably be Bones. If you could only watch one program, what would it be? And does anyone have any shows they think I am missing?


  1. I watch a lot of the same shows. I also really like Walking Dead and Justified (mmm Timothy Olyphant). And though they are no longer on I love Arrested Development and Six Feet Under, but if I could only watch one show the rest of my life it would be Supernatual.
    The writing on the show is fantasic and it is so well thought out and planned that it blows my mind. It is the only show I have ever watched I can name the writers for individual episodes, directors, and the creator.

  2. I forgot Justified. I knew there were shows I forgot. I also loved Arrest Development. "Yo need to carry a tape recorder around and record what you say" gets said to me a lot. I talk like Tobias a lot, completely unintentional double entendres... lol

  3. I have got to watch Being Human...I've heard all good things about it but I haven't found it yet. My son is the SyFy geek-- will put him on that.
    Ever hear of Eureka? It's the name of a town where a scientific lab employs almost everybody & all kinds of supernatural events occur.
    And we are big Dr.Who fans here. The Christmas show was very odd, in a Steampunk way, but memorable.
    Also love Psych & Leverage & White Collar &
    Wipe Out! (I know, but it's just so much fun to watch!)

  4. I watch a lot of those shows too but my TV viewing has gotten so bad, I just wait for the DVDs now, lol.

  5. I had to give up the TV to write...But get a one hour TV break durring dinner. Leverage, Being Human, Warehouse 13.