Friday, March 4, 2011

"Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving" ~Robert C. Gallagher

Didn't really set myself a word goal for the day and wound up doing about 3,000 words. for those of you following along at home:
3,500 words on Monday
1,600 words on Tuesday
3,200 words Wednesday
3, 200 words Thursday
11,500 words for the week.

I never mentioned it here, but the goal for the week is 12,000 words. So I am 500 words short of reaching my word goal for the week. *happy dance* Which is a good thing since there won't be much time for writing the rest the week. I have to wear my cosmetologist hat today and cut and color Mom's hair and we have a hockey game. I really wish they'd hurry up and tank the rest of the season so I can get back to my writing.

In other news, found a writing conference in Kansas City, MO in June I will be attending. I will be going with Liz of Bat Country hopefully and we will make lots of good connections to put us well on the road to publication. I'm so excited and can't wait!

Happy news. One of my pals, SJ Wright over at Vampire's Warden is smoking up the charts at Amazon, giving all us would-be-published authors in the HP group hope that we might some day reach her level of success. If you have not yet read Vampire's Warden, shame on you! It's a truly amazing book. And that coming from someone who is kind of over the whole vampire craze. Notice the lack of them in my own work.

There are some rumblings in the HP group of doing guest spots on each others blogs. Not sure if it's going to happen (especielyl since I started the rumblings ;D) but I think it's a great idea and helps us all cross promote ourselves. I'll let you know if I hear anymore about that.

I really need to get my blog roll going, as the list of blogs I read keeps growing. Got a great blog you think I should read? You should share! You never know who else might stop by my page and follow the link!

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  1. I agree I am also excited about the conference (cause we are awesome: FACT) and about the idea of cross blogging!